Jack, Hackney Wick

Jack, Hackney Wick

Jack moved to the creative east London neighbourhood Hackney Wick from Sydney in 2018 and he now shares a large beautiful warehouse with five other people here. He describes the flat share as a feeling of family rather than just flatmates coexisting and he loves that he can be creative and work on all his DIY projects in his room without worrying too much about disturbing the other people living here.

For him, artistry is a way of expressing who you are and what makes you happy. He is an explorer who loves to try different things and he likes to stay busy with creative practices that make you more self sustainable. For example, by learning how to sew, he now doesn’t need anyone else to mend his clothes.

Jack is a big plant lover and he enjoys being on the second floor of the big warehouse where there is lots of natural light. During the week he works as a freelance hairdresser and he is now also moving into massage and holistic practices to be able to offer more healing modalities than just hair. He likes a little boogie on the weekend and says that dancing is an important part of self expression for him and a way to release stuck emotions from the week.

Jack fell in love with Hackney Wick the moment he moved here and describes the place as a concentrated area of like minded people with a community vibe. Here below he is sharing some of his favourite places with us.

  • The marshes and the canal are just down the road and are a great place for a walk in nature
  • Grow - Best brunch and best veggie options for Sunday roast. They pride themselves on their roast and Jack agrees. Their Bloody Mary is amazing! They put port in them which gives them a depth and sweetness. The staff is amazing as well, they love music there and it's the perfect location by the canal. 
  • Beer Merchants Tap - Cute local place to have a cosy bevvy, nice relaxed vibe. Great for a first date.
  • HWK - Best place for coffee!
  • Hearth - Great bakery that also do coffee. Nice toasties and sandwiches. It's tucked away so not everyone knows about it and it has a real community vibe.
  • Refill therapy - place where you can bring your own jars and buy exactly the right amount of things you need. They will start selling fruit and veggies soon!

Jack is wearing the Stockholm Jumper in beige - shop here

Find Jack at @jack024420 @synergyeffects (hair) @javkx_ (tattoo)

Photos by @francescomazzettiyoga





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