Garment Care

One of our main goals at Steén is for our customers to feel that they have done a safe investment when they buy our products. We have made sure that all our garments are washable by hand or in the washing machine because we know that life happens around us and we all want to be part of it and not have to worry too much about our clothes. 

You can find exact washing instructions on the care labels inside each garment and below we have listed a few tips on how to you can take care of your clothes to make them last.
  • Air garments after each wear to limit washes.
  • The Madrid trousers can be hand or machine washed in 30 degrees on a gentle cycle. Avoid direct sunlight when drying.
  • Steam or iron the Madrid trousers on medium heat after wash or wear to restore the fabric's original lustre.
  • Baby alpaca is a natural material and very rarely needs a wash but when you feel like a fresh up then hand wash the Stockholm jumper in cold water using a gentle wool detergent and lay it flat to dry avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Please don't tumble dry any garments as this can cause damage to clothing, mainly in regards to shrinking and wearing fabric down. In most homes the dryer is also one of the most energy-intensive appliances.